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You would think that the leaders of any country would be more concerned with the health and happiness of their people than anything else.  While things have certainly improved in many places, it wasn’t always the case, and there has been some real “shenanagins” going on in many places.

Watch this video to get a little insight into the depths of madness surrounding  the propaganda and legislation against the use of natural, God-given herbs .

The powers that be are many times corrupt and use fear and ignorance as weapons for control and exploitation.  Any sane man can see this and needs to stand up for you God given rights to make choices that impact only you. Don’t let anyone steal your freedom and life from you out of fear or weak-heartedness.

If you’re already suffering with fear and are programmed against using natural treatments, then I’m sorry, it may be too late for you.

For others who still have some access to their natural intelligence (common sense) and control of their own minds, you will find an abundance of testimonials to the effectiveness of natural therapies in dealing with cancers and other degenerative and “incurable” diseases.