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Superfood 1000g 200 Day Supply


The mix will provide all the nutrients that your body needs to build or repair itself. I cut no corners on quality, as it was made for myself and close friends. The mix based on the now famous Dr Richard Schulze’s recipe.

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Ultimate Nutrition – Superfood – Powdered Dry Mix – All NATURAL – MASSIVE 1Kg Bag for Power Users!

1Kg Bag for Power Users – SAVE 10%

This stuff blasts your bloodstream with a rich supply of vitamins and nutrients that increase energy, vitality and strength.

The mix based on the now famous Dr Richard Schulze’s recipe that he invented in his clinic for incurables.
The ingredients are top quality, all of the following, and nothing else:
  • Spirulina*
  • Chlorella*
  • Alfalfa Grass*
  • Barley Grass*
  • Wheat Grass*
  • Kelp Seaweed
  • Beet Root
  • Spinach Leaf*
  • Rose Hips
  • Orange peel*
  • Lemon Peel*
  • Non-active Nutritional Yeast

I cut no corners on quality, as it was originally made for myself and close friends. This mix is made using the finest ingredients, *organic and also organic wild-crafted (where available), sourced from trusted suppliers in the UK.

Benefits & Features
Some of the features & benefits include:
  • natural plant drink
  • the nutrients to build and repair your body
  • very little digestion required
  • rapid absorption of nutrients without exerting the body
  • high protein content
  • easily delivers important building blocks for body repair and running
  • a food and tonic
  • supports all body types
  • fill in gaps “between meals”
  • low calorie, high nutrition
  • only wholesome ingredients
  • no pollutants
  • no contamination
  • no artificially added chemicals of any kind
  • high quality plant ingredients
There are no side effects, and no addictive ingredients. No Caffeine.
It contains no drugs or harmful ingredients. There are no stimulants either. In fact, it is just a combination of SUPER Foods that are extremely rich in nutrient levels.
The mix will provide all the nutrients that your body needs to build or repair itself.
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, 100% natural

How We Use

The normal way to take the mix is to add a heaped teaspoonful to a smoothie or juice (or even soup) and mix well.

Many people start with say, 1 teaspoon in the morning, if they are new to nutrient rich food. You decide, it’s just food.

I and my friends take a spoonful in the morning first thing and it really gives you a nice energy boost.
Sometimes we take another spoon in the afternoon or evening if we feel like it. I find I can sleep better if I don’t eat it too late in the day, but you can experiment with it for yourself.
Remember, in any natural health regimen, the first step is to get the NUTRITION into your body. You can’t build healthy blood and immunity etc, with pizza and beer 🙂
Also, if you’re trying to build better health, you need the extra nutrition of this SuperFood mix, so that you get the high levels of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that you need in a natural complete form to build your blood.
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I’ll ship first class to UK, and standard in Ireland.
You’ll get what I’ve described, but please, I won’t do “change-of-mind” returns as I don’t want the hassle. If you want it, order it, otherwise don’t. I hope you understand.


This is not Dr Schulze’s trademarked product.

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