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Dit Da Jow Liniment Chinese Shaolin Herbal Hand Conditioning


Dit Da Jow Liniment – Chinese Shaolin Herbal Hand Conditioning Liniment For Martial Arts. (Limited number for sale)

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100ml bottle of Authentic Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow Liniment – Shaolin Fall Hit Wine For Bruises/Sprains & Makiwara (Limited number for sale)

Other Names:

Also known as fall hit wine, injury jow, chinese rubbing medicine, dit dao, dit da, chinese ditda, jit da jow, die da jiao, dit medicine, dita jow, chinese bruise medicine, herbal cream for bruises, dit dot jow, da dit jow, dit ja jow, dit da jao, dit dow jow, dit ta jow, dit da jiao, dit jao, pain relief tincture, hit medicine, dit dat jow, ditdajow.

Authentic Dit Da Jow was traditionally used on bruises, sprains, contusions, hematomas, swelling, and other trauma type injuries. Dit Da Jow is also used on sore muscles, also referred to as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) where there is pain.

History Of Fall Hit Wine:

Starting in the Shaolin Temple, then over the years the formula (Shaolin Tie Die Yao Xiang Jing) has been passed down, traditionally uses include Bruises, Sprains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Poor Circulation, Raynauds Symptoms, Muscle Pain, and Shin Splints.

Authentic Dit Da Jow is, a blend of Chinese herbs, that are combined together and soaked in a GLASS jar with alcohol, preferably Vodka generally for 3-4 weeks before being used. My offering has been soaked for over 6 weeks, and that’s long enough to get first class quality.

Important Notes:

This Dit Da Jow is considered Vegan and cruelty free, since this Authentic Shaolin Dit Da Jow does not use any animal products or insects in its recipe. Unlike many old recipes that used tiger bone or rhinoceros horn for example, this does not, and is pure plant based.

The original herbal mix that we use is prepared the Old School way, using a Mortar and Pestle to grind certain herbs to their proper consistency.

In Martial Arts, when you are training either MMA, Muay Thai,Wing Chun Kung Fu, Boxing, just to name a few styles where there is plenty of contact, Authentic Dit Da Jow liniment is a blessing.

How To Use it and Traditional Theory:

The best way to use Dit Da Jow if you are training in the martial arts is to apply some to the areas of the body that are going to make contact, lets say if your punching a bag or makawari apply some to your hands prior to training like 20 to 30 minutes, then apply some more right after training, just enough to fill your palm should be sufficient. If you are kicking a bag then apply some to your shins and apply enough to cover, the contact area.

The effects of Dit Da Jow is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) understanding of the meridians and energy flow in the body.

Scientic Research Shows That The Herbal Compounds Of Dit Da Jow Work:

Scientific studies have shown that two key herbal ingredients in our Dit Da Jow have ethno-pharmacological relevance, Persicae Semen (Tao Ren) and Carthami Flos (Hong Hua) used in pair which is named as Taoren-Honghua (TH)  has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for promoting blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis for many years in China.

You Can Get Cheaper, But Can You Get A Better Jow? Not Likely.

  • No Synthetic Herbs are used – we do not use synthetic camphor like most companies, or other synthetic products.
  • Herb mixes used are made Fresh Per batch – No mixes are sitting around losing potency.
  • All Herbs Are Pesticide, Chemical And Insect Free.
  • All herbs Prepared By An Experienced Herbalist.
  • Authentic Traditional Formula, Not A Modified Version.

Important! We use a higher quantity of herbs than anybody on the internet, if the original recipe called for 9 grams of herbs we use 30+ grams. We take into consideration what the human body is today compared to the Asian population 500+ years ago; we are bigger, stronger, and faster now.

[The same amount of THIS Jow is sold in the USA for $49.99, which is £38.50, and then you’d have to pay for shipping to the UK]

** Each bottle is prepared prior to shipping, insuring you the strongest Jow possible. No bottles are sitting around waiting for an order. When an order is received, we prepare your bottle of Jow and ship it to you.

This Dit Da Jow Is FULL Spectrum:

This Jow is made with the whole herb and not just one part of it, or from a kit that is all powdered. This results in a Full Spectrum liniment.

Full Spectrum is the ability to extract all the chemical constituents from the herbs and not just one constituent or molecular compound.

Let me give you a example, one key herb in most Dit Da Jow formulas is Chi Shao, using the entire herb gives you the constituents: Paeoniflorin, allifprin, oxypaeoniflorin, paeonol and paeonin. All of them work together and are vital for a good Jow.

Unfortunately, there are Jow sellers that use only the outer portion, or the dust of the herb. Technically, it is Chi Shao, but really, a worthless portion, they do not contain all of the above constituents. Some vendors of Dit Da Jow and other liniments purchase this because it is very cheap and they use them in their kits to make Jow to sell you.

Our guy visited a herb factory in Shenyang China and saw them packaging the dust remnants of the herb Huang Qi ( Astragali Radix). When he asked why they were doing this, they said it was because the customer wanted it, and that they had tried to dissuade the customer, to no avail. So never purchase Dit Da Jow that is made from a mix that was all powdered or in very tiny pieces, you really do not know what your getting.

We always supply Jow that is made from herbs that are whole, and not powdered or in small pieces. If a herb is required to be powdered we do it manually insuring the best possible liniment is produced.

*Your Jow will be shipped in a 100ml tamper-evident sealed green glass bottle by first class post on the day of ordering.
Alcohol based. Do not use on broken skin. Not for internal use – do not drink. If adverse reactions occur discontinue use. Store in a cool dark place out of the reach of children. User assumes all risk from the use of this traditional liniment. The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any medical authority. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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