Natural is always to be trusted, that’s a given.  But isn’t man really smart and able to come up with something better?  Well that’s a really good question.

Personally, I believe that man is really smart, but he should at least be smart enough to see that nature and the body can work best together without his “over-intelligent” attempts at trying to come up with something better than the natural world has created.

In all the years that man has been doing genetic research and experimentation he has failed to create even one genetic mutation that could survive in the wild. All of his genetic creations are chosen against by the process of natural selection.
It is one thing to be intelligent, but it is quite another thing to be over intelligent. Being over intelligent is not a sign of real intelligence, rather it is a sign of foolishness.

So what is the most important ingredient when dealing with cancer?

I just read really good article which was an answer to a question on Dr Schulze’s blog about cancer and chemotherapy. He made a really good point that when it comes to treating cancer, the most important ingredient is attitude.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

You now have my decision regarding whether or not I advise chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or any medical treatment for your husband. My decision is based on my research, clinical experience and my patients’ results. My answer is NO MEDICAL TREATMENT!


As far as doing both, or what I call the “Chemotherapy and Carrot Juice” program, I never saw positive results when my patients did this. This is not because I am a hard-headed Natural Healing Purist. It is simply because these two treatment methods COUNTERACT and CONFLICT with each other. The philosophy and the therapy are OPPOSITES.

With Medical Treatment the method is POISON, to induce powerful chemical poisons into the whole body, and hopefully this poison will kill the cancer cells before it kills you.

Additionally, the cancer may be burnt using radiation treatment or cut out using surgery, or both.

With Natural Treatment the method is to Create Powerful Health, and let the body’s own defensive systems reverse the disease process and eliminate and heal the cancer.

These are two radically different approaches so obviously one does not work with the other. You cannot inject powerful chemical poisons into the body while attempting to cleanse and detoxify the body of poisons.

Having said that, he adds:

The most important part of your husband’s treatment will be his feelings, his attitude, his positive outlook, and his positive affirmations. Look, you now know I do not advise the medical treatment simply because it is deadly, IT DOES NOT WORK, and furthermore I believe it will kill him long before the cancer would.

But your husband’s belief is the most important. So, I would simply send him my answer, by sending him this BLOG, and keep planting lots of seeds in his mind, and keep putting lots of fresh wheatgrass juice around the house, and lots of tools from great raw food to fresh juices and positive affirmation books. Make this FUN!

Over the years I have learned—in my personal healing, my clinical experience and my life experience—that the most powerful healing tool for cancer, and for any disease, far more powerful than wheatgrass juice, my Detox Tonic, my Detox Programs, or even my Incurables Program, far more powerful than anything… is LOVE!

So I would give him a HUGE dose of LOVE first, every minute of every day, and then help him to create a powerfully healthy lifestyle.

Life is a “limited time offer”. We are all going to die, but I found my sick patients were obsessed with the thought of dying. No medical doctor, no natural doctor, no psychic or priest, and not even the great Dr. Schulze knows whether we have a decade or two left to live, or only one day. So stop focusing on cancer, stop focusing on death, and start focusing on LIVING, living HEALTHY, LOVING your husband and LOVING LIFE!

Click on the link here and have a read for yourself, it is very inspiring.