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The liver is the largest detox organ inside your body – everything you take in goes to your liver for processing before going to the rest of the body. It’s your first line of defence against ill health, so that’s important! The gall bladder is a vital “part” of the liver, and just like in your car, if you don’t clean your oil and fuel filters, you will run into problems sooner or later.


The Gallbladder is kind of like the rectum for the Liver. The Liver, as it does its job cleaning our body and our blood of impurities, waste, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, poisons and toxins, well it neutralises and eliminates this waste and dumps it into the Gallbladder. The Gallbladder is where the waste of the liver, and its digestive fluids are stored, for elimination. When it gets filled with too much waste, because of an unhealthy lifestyle, the waste gets thick gooey and this organ can become full of sludge and this sludge can even eventually turn into stones (gall stones). This means you not only have a constipated sick gallbladder, but now your Liver gets backed up, sick, congested and constipated too. Considering that your Liver’s main job is to detoxify you, and keep your body and blood clean and clear of toxic poisons, this is dangerous and not good.

Through experience and logical understanding of how our bodies work, we see that:

… long before a person has a heart attack or stroke, they had a sick congested Liver that was not clearing the fat and cholesterol out of their blood that eventually clogged their coronary or cerebral arteries causing their heart attack or stroke. In the same way, I have always said, that long before anyone develops cancer or any serious degenerative disease, their sick and constipated Liver stopped filtering all of the toxic carcinogenic chemicals out of their blood, which ended up causing their cells to mutate, and caused their cancer or disease. The bottom line, before any major disease begins in your body, your Liver was sick first. This is why Cleaning and Protecting your Liver is one of the most important disease prevention programs you can do.

Excerpt from original article at Herbdoc – watch the video there also!

I made myself a liver flush drink this morning – It’s fast, easy, and can just replace your breakfast any day. You can do 1 day or two, or 3 or more, and it tastes like a tropical drink.

Here’s what my drink looked like:

Here’s what’s in it:

  • 1 or 2 freshly squeezed lemons
  • 8fl oz/200ml fresh apple juice – juice your own organic apples or purchase fresh (not from concentrate) organic apple juice.
  • 8fl oz/200ml spring water
  • 1 clove fresh garlic
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • ¼ inch (1cm) of fresh ginger root, peeled

Note: Liquidise all the above ingredients until they are well blended to produce a smooth liquid. Transfer into a glass and drink it slowly. This can be followed by some organic apple juice if desired. Lemon juice is a citric acid that becomes alkaline in the stomach and thereby aids the cleansing of the digestive tract. It will also reduce the taste of the olive oil by emulsifying it. Virgin olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat – this means that it does not clog up your arteries or contain cholesterol. It also increases the body’s levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

Personally, I like to make sure my bowels are functioning regularly if I do any other cleanse so that any waste removed to the colon can get out – if you’re bowel is not emptying regularly you could feel really bad when flushing. If you need bowel help check out Formula#1 here.

Intense Flushing Program

If you are inspired and/or feel the need for a major overhaul, you could follow David Wolfe’s regime, that is done over several consecutive flushes. It’s a very popular flush that I have done a few times before, but I only did it once a year each time.

I did see the results that he shows on my first try, and I didn’t even do the 6 days preparation first, but I was living cleanly on a vegetarian diet.

He recommends that you do a complete course of flushing – once a month till you get the results that you want. You can read his full, in-depth article here.

Either way, you should try to incorporate some liver/gall bladder flushing in your life if you want to enjoy good health!