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The Scary History Of Suppression Of Essiac In America

You would think that the leaders of any country would be more concerned with the health and happiness of their people than anything else.  While things have certainly improved in many places, it wasn’t always the case, and there has been some real “shenanagins” going on in many places.

Watch this video to get a little insight into the depths of madness surrounding  the propaganda and legislation against the use of natural, God-given herbs .

The powers that be are many times corrupt and use fear and ignorance as weapons for control and exploitation.  Any sane man can see this and needs to stand up for you God given rights to make choices that impact only you. Don’t let anyone steal your freedom and life from you out of fear or weak-heartedness.

If you’re already suffering with fear and are programmed against using natural treatments, then I’m sorry, it may be too late for you.

For others who still have some access to their natural intelligence (common sense) and control of their own minds, you will find an abundance of testimonials to the effectiveness of natural therapies in dealing with cancers and other degenerative and “incurable” diseases.

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The Healing Power Of Food

We all know that you are what you eat, in physical terms.  But food can have a massive positive healing effect on you if you really go for it.  Natural healing involves getting back to the basics, the things that actually matter and have the most profound effects.

In this video, Dr. Schulze comments on a customer’s questions. He starts his answer with some great, common sense Natural Healing, but halfway through it, you will be SHOCKED at the MIRACLE results this dying woman is having by just changing what she is eating!

This video is all about the POWER of NATURAL HEALING and the MIRACLE HEALING POWER of a HEALTHY FOOD PROGRAM!  [original post here]

Your going to love this so watch it now 🙂

Check out our superfood here for massive nutritional flushing.

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No Incurable Diseases

If you’v ever come across a real natural healer then you know that the reality is that there are no incurable diseases.

Your body, nature and God can fix it all.  The genetics are there, the tools are there, and the doctor is there.

Here’s a link to the amazing Dr Schulze’s “incurables book” that he makes available for free to everyone worldwide.  His methods and advice have proven themselves time-and-time again in the only place that matters – in the real world of clinical experience.  Theories are great, ideas are great, but “proven” is better.  Don’t waste another minute if you have been told you have an incurable disease, get off your butt and get busy.

I really like the legal warning page just inside the book – what does that tell you about the kind of society we are living in?

Click on this link, or the image below to read his book free online now, and don’t forget to thank your God 🙂

On behalf of all those that I have shared your information with, “Thank You Dr Schulze” for sharing all that you have!

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Are Natural Healers Fanatical & Unreasonable?

Many people have been brainwashed all their lives by hearing the same messages all the time, like, “man is so advanced now”, “better than nature”, “scientific advancement”… etc, etc…  But is natural healing just radical and for the “hippies”?

This article is about a post at Dr Schulze’s blog, where he powerfully defends the position of natural healing in the form of an answer to a question that he gets asked regularly.  Many people like the idea of natural healing but are still attached to the “un-natural” ways.

Dr Schulze is forceful in his defence of the natural way and insists that there are no “incurable” diseases, although there are incurable patients. An incurable patient is one who refuses to do the needful, or who’s time is up and his God is calling him out.

He says:

Dear Patty,

All of my knowledge, all of my knowing, all of my understanding, comes from my clinical experience. It is important that you know this, and that the following is NOT just my opinion, or that I am trying to just prove some Natural Healing or herbal medicine point. Instead, this is my ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, time and time again, with tens of thousands of patients. Additionally, it is also the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of my great teachers, from their clinics, with tens of thousands of their patients. The reason I emphasize this is very important. You are putting your trust and your LIFE in my hands, and I take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

So, I am not going to do any guessing here, or any preaching about Natural Healing and herbal medicine, or give you any of my opinions, theories and hypotheses, and I have many of these. I am simply going to tell you the absolute truth, what I witnessed firsthand in my clinic for decades using Natural Healing routines and my herbal medicine to treat disease, PERIOD!

My Clinical Observation and Experience
Most people are lazy. Maybe this is human nature. Maybe this is why the biggest health epidemic in America today is obesity. But whatever the reason, most people I meet are lazy. I would safely say this is about 90% of the people I meet. They are lazy. This is a big reason why medical doctors, drugs and hospitals have become such big, profitable businesses in America today, because rarely are we asked to (or even want to) take any responsibility in our own healing.

A simple example of this is, how many times have we seen a man get a coronary bypass surgery, and have his clogged or blocked arteries replaced, only to be out eating cheeseburgers, French fries and milk shakes a week after his surgery at some fast food restaurant (if not right in the hospital) clogging up the new blood vessels?

NO Responsibility.

Modern medicine—almost all of it—is designed for lazy people who are too damn lazy to create a healthy lifestyle, too lazy to eat healthy, nutritious food, too lazy to do routine cleansing and detoxification, too lazy to move their ass every day and too damn lazy to be positive and loving to themselves and others.

From the drive-through at fast food garbage houses, to microwaving manufactured fast food at home, to the lazy boy chair, to the mind-rotting television, sitting down and taking as many breaks as possible, just to get back to the fast food and do it all over again.

Patty, getting well is pretty darn easy. For most of my patients, it was simply a matter of STOPPING what was making them sick.

But most people, instead of stopping eating food that they cannot digest, they would rather take a pill or drink some chalky drink to sooth their indigestion. Most people would rather be fat and buy bigger and bigger clothes—and even buy an electric cart to move their fat ass around in—because they are so fat now it hurts to walk, then to lose fat.

Consequently, most people would rather take more and more chemical drugs, have more surgeries, get dialysis, wear diapers and buy an electric scooter to ride in than to do a 5-Day KIDNEY Detox and get healthy.

He then goes on to inspire those who want to get free from the shackles of prescription drugs, with all their side effects and dangers. Of course, the real question always remains… “do you want it badly enough, or have you given up?”.   The reality is that it takes effort to get well.

He continues:

Getting Off Of Drugs…
In my clinic, I found that 100% of my patients—that’s right, 100% OF THEM—were all able to be healthy, stop taking ALL medication and STOP ALL DRUGS by making very easy and simple changes in their lifestyle. But, there is the dirty word—CHANGE—and back to the beginning, most people are lazy and do not want to change.

There is HOPE!
Thankfully nowadays, more and more people are losing faith in modern medicine. Television is loaded with ads and between the ads for drugs are other ads from lawyers asking you if you want to sue your doctor or the drug company for giving you drugs that harmed you or killed your relatives. Almost every supposed wonder drug, in only a few short years, is discovered to have serious, harmful side effects and has maimed or killed people. Additionally, almost ALL medical treatments, especially for degenerative diseases, have been proven to NOT be effective. Worse, they have proven to be detrimental, even lethal. Today, many authorities say that you will live just as long—if not longer—if you do NOTHING AT ALL, instead of undergoing aggressive medical treatment.

This Is Important

Schulze is not unrealistic or egotistical about natural healing.  If you are on medication right now that is actually keeping you alive, he has this to say:

What if the DRUGS I am taking are keeping me ALIVE?
Let’s not be stupid here and die to prove a point. If the drugs you are taking are literally keeping you alive, DO NOT STOP TAKING THEM.

BUT, having said that, 99% of my patients who thought that they would never be able to wean themselves off of their drugs, and whose medical doctors thought they would never be able to live without their drugs, were able to eventually stop taking them. They simply had to improve their lifestyle to be even healthier, and then they were able to wean off the drugs.

In most circumstances it is important to do this slowly. You will know when the time is right. For instance, if you are Diabetic, you will see when you start creating a healthy lifestyle, you will need less and less insulin. Depending on the severity of your Diabetes, and the length you have had this disease, this will also determine the intensity that you will need to do my programs, and also the time it may take to get off of all of your insulin. And, you must master a low glycemic food program, and really understand about eating whole, natural foods that are hard to digest, (which will naturally have a low GI). You’ll also need to learn to love exercise and get rid of any and ALL FAT. Get the point? When you do all of this and much much more, you will see your blood sugar drop. Then, you can reduce your insulin and eventually get off of it. For everyone the program will be different. The same is true for any and all drugs.

Sometimes, it is at this point that my patients who said that they were willing to do ANYTHING to be well, do ANYTHING to heal their disease and do ANYTHING to stop taking their drugs REALIZED THAT THEY WERE NOT WILLING TO DO ANYTHING after all!

There is nothing wrong with this. I always said, everyone thinks they would like to drive an expensive car, but when they see what the payments and cost will be, well, the rusty old junker isn’t so bad after all. I do not judge. I am simply here to tell you what is possible and offer you a new chance at life free of disease and free of drugs.

He does continue with some praise for the “trauma” doctors, and I’d recommend that you go and read the whole post here, it fairly long, but worth every minute you spend reading it 🙂

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Welcome to The Healing Herb…

Here you can find out more about some of the stuff I use myself, and share with my friends, old  & new 🙂

I’ll add stuff as I get time – life has a way of taking over…



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